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World Shows

FIFé WORLD CAT SHOW 2007 - Bratislava, Slovakia

This was the first World Show I participated. I also went to meet my beloved Netty and bring her to Brazil.

FIFé WORLD CAT SHOW 2008 - Lisbon, Portugal

We went to the show as visitors. No cats. And later, we went to Denmark to visit some breeders (Wytopitlock, Meserve, JungleMan, Coogan's, Sebasco's, Pitho, BBC and StarWars). Thank you Annete Becker for the hospitality and thanks to the other breeders for receiving us in your home.

FIFé WORLD CAT SHOW 2009 - Saint Gallen, Switzerland

BR*Cardigans Black Francis JW: EX1 + BIV + NOM

BR*Cardigans Bjork: EX2

FIFé WORLD CAT SHOW 2010 - Saint Ethiene, France

BR*Cardigans Black Francis JW: CAGCIB

FIFé WORLD CAT SHOW 2011 - Poznan, Poland

BR*Cardigans Black Francis JW: HP + 2ndBIV/6

We visited Berlin, Poznan, Dresden, Karlovi Vary & Prague

FIFé WORLD CAT SHOW 2012 - Zagreb, Croatia

BR*Cardigans Black Francis JW: HP + NOM

Cheryl Ann od Vajgaru*CZ JW: EX1 + BIV + NOM (4 votes)

BR*Cardigans Hey! JW: EX1 + BIV + NOM

We visited Munich, Zagreb, Florence, Veneze, Rome & Paris

FIFé WORLD CAT SHOW 2013 - Aalborg. Denmark

BR*Cardigans Black Francis JW: HP + BIV + NOM

Cheryl Ann od Vajgaru*CZ JW: CACS + NOM 

BR*Cardigans Killing Joke JW: EX1 + 2nd BIV/15

NO*Carrabassett's Gioconda: HP

DK*Coogan's Dangerfield JW: EX2