At the beginning of May we went to the other side of the World to show our new baby girl.

And we came back even more proud of her!!!!

Charlotte BW22_edited.jpg

BR*Cardigans Charlotte Sometimes

Best in Variety and Nominated in Baltic Winner Show 2022

Judge: Mr. Charles Spijker

Charlotte is daugther of NW SC Cheryl Ann od Vajgaru*CZ JW DSM DVM and IC BR*Cardigans I Wanna Be Sedated JW)

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This year gave us some good moments!

Our "fashion color" girl, Dinah Vicktoria Pride*CZ (ds 12), got BIV and Best in Show in her very first show! 


And our young italian princess, IT*Clabacoon's Genny Gian Burrasca got 3 BIV and 4 Best in Show, giving her the title

Junior Winner and National Winner 2021!!! 

We are so proud of our babies!

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We are proud owners and/or breeders of these special show cats:

NW11 SP BR*Cardigans Amy Winehouse DSM
SC GIP Netty WikiBlack*PL DSM DVM
NW12 SC BR*Cardigans Black Francis JW DSM DVM
BR*Cardigans Hey! JW
SC FI*Escape's Eternity DM
NW16´17 SC BR*Cardigans Killing Joke JW DVM DSM
NW13 SC DK*Coogan's Dangerfield JW DVM DSM
NW15'19 SC US*Broadsway Caribou Beer Festival JW DVM DSM
NW14 GIC BR*Cardigans Portishead JW DVM
NW14´17 SC Cheryl Ann od Vajgaru*CZ JW DVM DSM
BR*Cardigans Minuit Machine JW

NW12 SC NO*Carrabassett's Gioconda JW DVM DSM
NW14 DK*Coogan's Lana Bear
BR*Whisker'nTails India Pale Ale JW
SC IT*Clabacoon´s Smart & Chic DM DVM
BR*Cardigans Eleven JW
BR*Cardigans I Wanna Be Sedated JW
NW17'18 BR*Cardigans Jerry Cantrell JW DVM
BR*Cardigans Quicksand JW
Wandering Stars BestMain*CZ JW
BR*Cardigans Worlock JW
NW21 IT*Clabacoon's Genny Gian Burrasca JW